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Welcome to “We’ve Got You Covered”

Welcome to the newly launched Gilbert LLP risk management and insurance recovery law blog, “We’ve Got You Covered.” In this blog, our attorneys will discuss new and interesting developments in the areas of strategic risk management and insurance coverage law, provide some insight into insurance-related issues behind the current headlines, and hopefully have some fun writing these posts.

As a firm that focuses on strategic liability and risk management and insurance  litigation and recovery for policyholders, we are not like other law firms — and this blog won’t be like other law blogs. If there’s a headline in the paper that may have hidden implications for insurance coverage or that might spark a high-stakes battle somewhere down the line, we’ll explain it.  It might involve unique issues in mass tort; it might involve a dispute over a failure to deliver products on time; it may involve a product recall; it could involve a bankruptcy restructuring; or it might involve issues that result from a breach of data privacy. We will look at each situation in a different way than you might expect.  The ideas we present will be unique and thought-provoking.

If a federal or state court interprets an insurance policy, either a standard clause or an unusual provision, in an interesting way, we will try to tell you what the decision means from a business perspective.

At Gilbert LLP, we are committed to solving our clients’ problems through negotiated settlement as often as possible. So occasionally we will write about the advantages of mediation or other forms of ADR and provide some tips for getting it done successfully.

We sometimes will talk about our own cases, but we don’t see promoting our wins as the primary purpose of this blog.  We enjoy helping our clients, who range from the largest companies in the world to individuals with a significant or complicated insurance problem, and we enjoy interpreting and writing about issues and interesting cases in the insurance world,  whether or not we’re directly involved in the case.

We view this blog as a way for us to communicate more directly with you — our clients, colleagues and friends.  We hope that through the articles we post you will get to know us better.  We hope that you will find our posts informative and entertaining.  We look forward to reading your comments on any of the articles we post.

Scott D. Gilbert